According to customs statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, our country of Latin American countries (hereinafter referred to as the "Latin American") the total import and export of 1.10965 trillion yuan, 9.5% lower than the same period last year (the same below). Among them, exports to Latin America 621.97 billion yuan, up by 1.3%; Imports from Latin America, 487.68 billion yuan, down 20.4%; Trade surplus of 134.29 billion yuan, in the same period last year to 1.33 billion yuan only.

(a) exports year-on-year growth in September, the import year-on-year decline narrowed, from both import and export growth. The import and export of Latin America to China in September that month, 142.78 billion yuan, fell 2.8% year on year, rose 7.4%. Among them, exports to Latin America 77.66 billion yuan, up 4.3% from a year earlier, rose 4.5%; Imports from Latin America, 65.12 billion yuan, fell 10.2% year on year, rose 11%.

(2) the way of general trade import and export of super 7. In the first three quarters of this year, China's import and export by general trade way to Latin America, 787.79 billion yuan, down 6.1%, about 71% of the total cost of the our country in Latin America over the same import and export; At the same time, by way of processing trade import and export of 204.13 billion yuan, down 17%, 18.4%; Under special customs supervision way import and export of 93.75 billion yuan, down 23.9%, accounting for 8.4%.

(3) Brazil, Mexico and Chile for the first 3 largest trade partner, the Brazilian import and export exceed 300 billion yuan. The Brazilian import and export to China in the first three quarters of this year, 341.12 billion yuan, down 18.3%. For Mexico import and export of 202.2 billion yuan, up by 2.2%; In Chile import and export of 147.2 billion yuan, down 4.9%. Import and export of the above three countries combined accounted for 62.2%.

(4) give priority to with mechanical and electrical products exports, traditional labor-intensive products export growth; Give priority to with resources-type commodity imports. In the first three quarters of this year, China's exports of mechanical and electronic products in Latin America, 344.13 billion yuan, an increase of 1.9%, accounting for 55.3% of the total exports to Latin America. Traditional labor-intensive products export (including clothing, textiles, bags, footwear, toys, furniture, plastic products 7 categories) 127.78 billion yuan, increased by 3.4%, accounting for 20.5%. Imports, imports from Latin America, 152.63 billion yuan, down 7.7%, about 31.3% of the total cost of the imported from Latin America. Crude oil imports of 70.24 billion yuan, down 33.4%; Imports of iron ore and concentrate, 61.39 billion yuan, down 40.6%.